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Roleplay RULES

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:09 pm
Rule 1:

In your roleplay you have to act based of you character knowledge NOT ON REAL LIFE KNOWLEDGE.
Explanation : If you are in bar on one side of the world and your friend is fighting for life on the other side you cant just like that without any information of him fighting.

Rule 2:

Your roleplay must be real, at the very beginning you are something little stronger then usual human. You can't fly and have magic pillows (I had one smart ass like that), you are human not humanoid bird or some thing. 

Rule 3:

Every post in Naruto World and Fights must be roleplay post ! In other game categories like Off topic and Rules you can post your real-life opinions and questions etc.

Rule 4: 

Even if you watched whole Naruto, and know everything about anything your character don't. Therefore some academy student Uchiha cant aspire to get rinnegan because probably noone in camp doesn't know what Rinnegan is. You also don't know how bijuu looks and some things like that, Roleplay with care!

Rule 5: 

Be carefull how you talk to other ninjas because it may decide yor fate. Game roleplay is highest level of mind game. Anyone can betray you, anyone can save you. You must talk to higher rank with respect
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