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on Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:22 pm
There are 5 main abilities which you can uprade and they are : Chakra control, Strength, Speed, Precision And Inteligence.

At every 10 lv you get 25 point which you can set on any of these 5 abilities.

You get this points untill lv 200 so in game you get maximum of 500 points.

Abilities :
Chakra control

With chakra control you lower the amount of chakra you need for some jutsu. For ex.:

If you use jutsu that needs 300 chakra and you have 200 chakra control you will use just 100 chakra for that jutsu.

Minimal amount of chakra needed to perform jutsu is 30. No mather how chakra control you have you cant lower chakra amount under 30.


Strength is similar to chakra control and strength relat to energy. You strenth lowers amount of energy needed to attack.
Snaga je slicna kao i kontrola, samo sto se odnosi na smanjenje energije. Koliko imate na snazi, toliko smanjute potrosnju energije. 
Minimal amount of energy you can lower to attack is 10 energy.

Strenght doesn't reduce amount of energy needed for dodgings attacks with techiniques like Speed Dodge, Shunpo etc.


Guaranted damage
Speed is related to guaranteed damage. The difference in speed for 2 ninjas decides guaranteed damage.

Guaranted damage = Half of the difference in speed

For example if ninja A have got 400 speed and ninja B 100 speed guaranteed damage is 150 damage and that means that with every physical attack from ninja A 150 damage will be guaranted.

*For samurais: With every 100 speed more than your enemy you have additional sword swing.(1 sword swing is 1 slot)

Guaranteed dmg can't be dodgeg except with some special abilities (Space-Time Jutsus) but it can be blocked with deffence. To block 300 guaranteed damage you need 300 deffence.

If you want to hit someone to poison him with blade or to place seal on him guaranteed damage enemy received doesn't mean you placed that seal or poisoned him. Effects doesn't work with guaranteed damage.

Lv reduce and increase

With speed you can reduce level of the enemy jutsu (Level, not destructiveness of the jutsu).
LV reduce/increase = Half of the level difference.

For example if enemy attacks you with lv 150 jutsu and you have 100 speed more than him, level of that jutsu is 100 and you can dodge it with spped dodge etc.
You can also increase your attack level so it cant be dodged etc. When you increase level of some jutsu it doesn't mean that jutsu got more destructive or something, it just mean its faster and harder to dodge.

With speed you can reduce amount of energy needed for dodging. For example if you need to dodge 300 damage with speed dodge and you have 200 speed(more than your enemy) you will use 100 energy to dodge that attack.


Adds damage to techniques as much as you have accuracy (If you attack someone with demage 10 and you have 100 accuracy that demage will be 110)

* You can break (ignore) half of the defenses from your accuracy. Which means that if someone have 50 def  and you have 100 accuracy, when you attack,it will be the same as that there is no defense. Therefore It is important to know that accuracy is not counted in the case of explosive attacks.


  For every 100 points of intelligence, you get one slot more. As much as you have intelligence, you get bonus damage on genjutsu, and you can also defend yourself more easily.
  With 100 inteligence you get 100 damage on your genjutsu and if someone attacks you with 500 dmg genjutsu you lower that damage for 100.

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