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on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:47 pm
Ninjas in Naruto world have got :

Health - life energy,body state.

*When your Hp gets to 0 you are dead.

Energy- Strenght of body, muscles and their structure.

You use energy to make to throw kunais, swing with sword , do martial arts and so on..

Chakra- Inner spiritual energy that flows through you and your chakra points.

Using and controlling chakra you can unleash powerfull jutsus.

Gaining new rank you get new higher stats and with leveling(training) you constantly upgrade your body.

For every rank and lv 200 you get 100 health, energy and chakra.

Every 10 lv you get 50 points which you can set on chakra, energy or health.
Maximum amount of any stats you can posses is 1000 except in some cases when user posses special abilities.
In each fight you must write state of your stats.For example somewhere in middle of a fight after you used chakra and recrived injures you should have values like this :


If you spend you stats in your move, for example throw a kunai and take 100 damage, it would seem like this:

Hp- 750-100
Ep- 400-10
Cp- 350

And then in next move you add/subtract what you need and then write stats.

Stats is required to write,and in every move you don't write them your opponent can turn against you. Also if you don't subtract chakra for your technique (for example Mangekyo Sharingan) it's considered that you didn't used it.
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