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Posting rules

on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:29 pm
Most important way of getting expirience is roleplay posts so to prevent abuse of it next rules exist.

1.Post (roleplay post in Naruto World) must be long enough, this is solid lenght of post.
I wasted my precious time and haven't achieved anything after our last meeting..
(he said those words with some tone in his voice, he was a little bit nervous realizing that all that search and effort was needless. He got a little better in Ice techniques.)

Forget about that.. What were you doing..? Did you returned for same reason as me..? You were present today? At academy registration ? We are not kids anymore, we must join events in this world even if we know what wait us there..
(Rei asked series of questions for which he knew answers himself but again he waited for Saito to answer)


2.In your house you can daily post 2 posts which must be a little longer,but it may be conversations with yourself and they will not be considered spam.
                  THIS IS NOT POST:
             (enter the room and lay on bed)

3.You can't post two times in a row except in some reasonable situations.

Administration is gentle and will not bother you, but if someone report you or admins find out you abuse posting you will get punished.Solid roleplay should contains minimum 40-50 words.
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