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BETA version started. Care that this version is not actual version and data loss is possible. However, players of BETA will get compensated for the time they spend in game (special rewards).


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Roleplay game rules

on Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:00 pm
Here are basic rules about way of playing game itself.

Fate of your ninja depends mostly of yourself and your actions. You can work for camp or betray it and become follower of your own way. You can be destructor or peace-loving person, you can cause war and stop them and all of it goes for you, roleplay gamers who will form their character.

Essence of game is to completely get in the skin of character created by you and share amazing experience which many members from past seasons of game confirmed.

*You are regular ninja without any special ability until you "awake" or learn them. You can't fly out of nothing etc.

*Everything you do must have NNW(game) evidence (pm, post, screenshot etc.) evidence like messages from social networks ar
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